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Oncology Supportive Services is dedicated to providing support to cancer patients in Northwest Arkansas.

How we help

Centering care around patients and their families

Improving cancer patients’ quality of life

Advocating for a healthier community

Encouraging a holistic approach to cancer care

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By giving to Oncology Supportive Services, you help to ease a cancer patient’s struggle allowing them to focus on recovery.


President Jeff Hunnicutt

Jeff Hunnicutt


CEO, Highlands Oncology

Vice President J. Thaddeus Beck, MD, FACP

J. Thaddeus Beck, MD, FACP

Vice President

Physician, Highlands Oncology

Secretary George Rhoads, JD

George R. Rhoads, JD


Attorney, Matthew, Campbell, Rhoads, McClure & Thompson, P.A.

Board member Dan Bradford, MD

Daniel S. Bradford, MD

Board Member

Physician, Highlands Oncology

Board member K'Anne Cash Arthur, MD

K’Anne Cash Arthur, MD

Board Member

Physician, Highlands Oncology

Board Member Danna Grear, MD

Danna Grear, MD

Board Member

Physician, The Breast Center